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More iPhones Eligible For Self-Repair

Apple and Samsung have both extended their self-repair programs, reducing the need to get devices fixed by the manufacturer or authorized repairers. However, both programs still have significant limitations. The Apple program now covers the iPhone ... 14 and 14 Pro, the MacBook Air (M2, 2022 model) and MacBook Pro 14-inch (2023 model). These are all the latest models of the relevant devices. Meanwhile the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Self Service Repair now covers the top speaker and the TrueDepth camera, components which were previously exempt from the program. In each case, users can order official ... (view more)

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Nokia Launches 'Repairable' Smartphone

Nokia has launched an Android phone specifically designed to be repairable by the user. The G22 handset was made in cooperation with spare parts and repair site iFixit. Being unable to easily repair a handset (or even to get a third party expert to ... do it) has been one of the biggest frustrations for many phone owners. It often means having to replace an entire handset because a single component has failed, causing both financial and environmental damage. While some manufacturers have made phones with easily replaceable components, they tend to be less well-known brands and carry a premium ... (view more)

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Computer Basics, Part 1

I suppose it's time to roll up my sleeves and try to 'expose' the inner workings of the scary little box that's humming away on your desk. It's called a Personal Computer, no matter who designed and/or built it. It may have a name associated with it ... such as Macintosh (or Mac), Dell, IBM, Gateway, or any of a myriad of names depending where you live and what you decided to buy. No matter what name is associated, all desktop Personal Computers (or PCs) have a few basic components that are common. Laptop systems have the same array of components but they are usually not accessible like in a ... (view more)

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