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Not all custom built Dell's ship with Vista

Consumers purchasing some high end computers online Dell are having to make those purchases with Windows XP, due to issues with some peripherals that are incompatibile with Windows Vista. There is no indication that the problem is widespread, but ... some customers wanting to build their own computers from Dell may be forced to choose hardware that isn't ready to run on Microsoft Windows Vista. A Dell spokesperson confirmed last Friday that two of its high-end gaming machines won't run the latest version of Microsoft's latest operating system (OS) at all. "There are still some compatibility ... (view more)

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Vista Migration Tools Released by Microsoft

In an attempt to help businesses adapt to Windows Vista, Microsoft has released free tools that will help companies migrate to the new operating system, including software that will allow older versions of Windows to run alongside Vista in a virtual ... environment. Microsoft is hoping the tools will make moving to Vista less painless for business customers, particularly those who depend on older versions of Windows. During a meeting with financial analysts, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called analysts sales estimates for Vista "overly aggressive" and tried to downplay expectations for OS sales. ... (view more)

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Home Networking Made Easy

I just recently moved to a new address; actually, I moved to the next county. ;-) In the process, I had to drop my Internet provider (Yahoo DSL) and had to go with a local cable provider because of availability. The process was not smooth but it was ... eventually completed and I was back online once all the pieces were connected together. I got to thinking about the steps I took to reconnect my network of computers in order to share Internet, and came to the conclusion that the process was straightforward enough that article would be in order. With DSL access, your Internet provider will ... (view more)

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Electronic mail, abbreviated e-mail or email , is a method of composing, sending, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems. The term email applies both to the Internet email system based on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ... (SMTP) and to workgroup collaboration systems allowing users within one company or organization to send messages to each other. Often workgroup collaboration systems natively use non-standard protocols but have some form of gateway to allow them to send and receive internet email. Some organizations may use the internet protocols for internal email ... (view more)

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Connect 2 wireless PCs with no router?, Part 2

Recall -- A few days ago, Infopackets Reader Ted B. asked if there was a way to connect 2 wireless PCs [one using Win98, the other WinXP] together without using a router as a Wireless Access Pointer (WAP). He wrote: " ... An elderly lady recently ... came into the shop and needed help with wireless networking (802.11) between her older Hewlett Packard computer (running Windows 98SE) and her XP notebook. Unfortunately, we could not get the connections working. She had opted for a wireless network because she did not want to run a long cord from her bedroom to her living room to connect the ... (view more)

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Using a software firewall and hardware firewall in tandem

Almost a month ago we were knee-deep in discussion with respect to tracking down a hacker. In short, our ongoing discussion probed possibilities and known methods which might be used to track down a hacker, if one ever attempted to hack into *your* ... computer system. RE: Can I track down a Hacker?, Part 1 , and Can I track down a Hacker?, Part 2 . Shortly after Part 2 was released, I received an email from Dan Daily (editor / webmaster) of Danny's Daily . Dan's comments focused on a proposed supposition, which was sent in from John B. in Part 2 of our Discussion . To recap: John suggested to ... (view more)


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