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Intel's PowerVia to Boost PC Chip Speeds in 2024

In an attempt to regain its chip making advantage, Intel is set to introduce PowerVia, a new technology that could enhance the speed of its 2024 PC chips. While Intel faces tough competition from leading companies like Taiwan Semiconductor ... Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) and Samsung, the introduction of PowerVia could help Intel bridge the gap and even entice competitors to utilize its manufacturing services. Arrow Lake Processors to Receive Significant Speed Boost Intel's forthcoming Arrow Lake processor, slated for release in 2024, will benefit from a substantial speed boost thanks to PowerVia. In ... (view more)

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MS Chief: Win7 Best Ever; Ford, Continental Convinced

With Microsoft's highly-anticipated Windows 7 less than a month away from its much-publicized release, it's not all that surprising that company CEO Steve Ballmer has begun to tout the new operating system as the "best... [they] have ever built." ... What is surprising, however, are the decisions by Ford Motor Company and Continental Airlines to make the leap to Win7 almost immediately. New Standard for Operating Systems In a note released to the media early yesterday, Microsoft CEO Ballmer bragged that "Windows 7 is the best PC operating system we have ever built." In naming the reasons why, ... (view more)

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