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Windows Laptop Meets Android Tablet In New Hybrid

The latest Lenovo laptop takes the idea of a 2-in-1 device to new levels. It remains to be seen if anyone actually wants its offering of a combination Windows laptop and Android tablet. At first glance the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid device ... looks like an ordinary laptop, albeit with the ability to fold the screen to any angle, including completely back so the device is folded flat but with the keyboard and screen on the outside (similar to the Lenovo Yoga). That's a familiar setup to many existing devices designed for use in different scenarios such as working with the keyboard, ... (view more)

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Police to Use Hybrids as Pursuit Vehicles

New York and Los Angeles cops may be among the first to use a hybrid electric car that is specifically designed for police pursuits. The Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan (pic) aims to meet the twin needs of police vehicles: an occasional ... high-speed pursuit mixed in with a whole load of waiting around. A hybrid car uses both an ordinary gas engine and an electric motor. The balance of the two varies between models but one common set-up is to use the electricity when the car is starting up or driving at low speeds, where the electricity is the more efficient option. Another common feature is ... (view more)

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Windows 10 Could Bolster 600 Million PC Upgrades

Dell President Renee James says Windows 10's impact on the struggling PC market will be huge, with the release of Microsoft's next operating system (OS) leading to an estimated 600 million PC upgrades. James, who recently spoke at the Credit Suisse ... Technology Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, says there are hundreds of millions of PCs out there that are four years old or older. James says that many of the owners of these aging PCs have been putting off an upgrade because they simply weren't wowed by Microsoft's last operating system, Windows 8. Microsoft Being " ... (view more)

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Toyota Has Solar-Powered Prius In The Works

Wouldn't it be great if air conditioning didn't suck the life out of your car (and your wallet)? Well, hybrid energy is getting a major face lift, all in the name of finding a separate power source for the air conditioning in hybrid vehicles. Rumors ... in the Japanese media are swirling that the next generation Prius may be the first hybrid car to include solar panels. Although Toyota has not made an official announcement, the media has jumped on the story. (Source: efluxmedia.com ) Thus far, the Prius has sold over 1 million vehicles and is due for its third edition soon. The new solar-panel ... (view more)

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