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Guitar Hero Fans More Likely to Play Real Instruments

Despite popular beliefs that video games keep people from engaging in real life activities, opting for Madden over football tryouts or Gran Turismo over studying for a license exam, in many cases games can actually stir interest in relevant ... activities. According to reports, games like Guitar Hero lead kids to pick up real instruments. Research conducted by the Youth Music charity in Britain now suggests that popular rhythm and music-based games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band have probably led about 2.5 million kids to learn real-life instruments. In a report, Youth Music discovered that of ... (view more)

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Freeware Piano program?, Part 2

Last week, Infopackets Reader Ray M. asked if I knew of any freeware Piano programs he could download to his computer. Freeware Piano program? I personally didn't know of any (I haven't played Piano since I was a kid!), and suggested some picks I ... found on Google. I also asked Infopackets Readers to send me their favorite freeware picks, and here are the responses I received: Lisa C., and a number of other users highly recommended a program called "Aldo's Pianito". From the web site: " Pianito MicroStudio is an easy and funny piano synthesizer [plus] drum machine sequencer with ... (view more)

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