Freeware Piano program?, Part 2

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Last week, Infopackets Reader Ray M. asked if I knew of any freeware Piano programs he could download to his computer.

Freeware Piano program?

I personally didn't know of any (I haven't played Piano since I was a kid!), and suggested some picks I found on Google. I also asked Infopackets Readers to send me their favorite freeware picks, and here are the responses I received:

Lisa C., and a number of other users highly recommended a program called "Aldo's Pianito". From the web site:

" Pianito MicroStudio is an easy and funny piano synthesizer [plus] drum machine sequencer with 24 tracks (8 percussion, 8 midi instruments, 8 wave FXs). Real time MIDI and wave recording [can also] let you create your own songs in minutes! You can map your keyboard to any of the MIDI 128 instruments or to 48 simultaneous percussion instruments for interactive play, while the rhythm / song that you have created is played in the background. [The program is] intended for kids and adults that find professional music software too complex or expensive. Nothing can be easier to create your own MIDI files! "

Side Note: The first page takes a few seconds to load. The link to the piano program is listed on the top left of the second main page.

A user named "Bry" sent me a link to SGC Piano:

" I have SGC Virtual Piano 1.11 by Mangesh Yevale ... SCG Virtual Piano works like an ordinary Piano using your keyboard: it has 25 keys, and you can set different base notes from (1 to 111) to change the Sound. You can also play other banjo sounds like drum, bass etc! "

And, Jim B. recommended Virtual Piano. From the site:

" Virtual Piano is a powerful simulation of various musical instruments. Apart from a regular piano, the program can also simulate over 600 other instruments and variations! The user interface is extremely easy but powerful. If you don't understand some of the options, you don't even need to! Simply choose your favorite instrument from the box and start playing using your mouse or even your computer's keyboard! "

Thanks for your suggestions!

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