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Thoughts on the iPod Phone

It seems the iPod is everywhere these days. Recently, Infopackets discussed the announcement by Ford, GM, and Mazda that Apple and its iPod would be fully integrated in many future models. However, the most reasonable and yet elusive place for the ... iPod is the cellular phone market. There are rumblings an announcement will be made by Apple in the coming months on such a product, but many insiders are skeptical about how it will work. Without a question, there is a place for an iPod phone. A significantly powerful one -- and we're talking more than 50-100 songs -- could effectively combine the ... (view more)

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Desperate Automakers Ask Apple for Aid

With the North American automotive industry in a tailspin at the moment, automakers are turning to the latest and most popular technology to regain appeal. And, for anyone not stuck in a cave or buried by a landslide for the last five years, the ... clearest way to catch a techie's eye is to flash an Apple iPod -- the industry's current undisputed "Golden Toy". That's exactly what Ford, General Motors, and even Mazda are doing, as they work with engineers to integrate Apple's wares into future audio systems. Isn't this technology already out there? At this time, most iPod owners are forced to ... (view more)

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TiVo Joins Growing Army of iPod Applications

With the iPod phenomenon creeping into each corner of Mother Earth, TiVo has jumped into the mix with their own Desktop application for Windows. The new application allows TiVo users to transfer their favorite TV programs directly to computer, and ... then onto portable devices. Like most software of this kind, a premium version exists that allows users to transfer shows to a host of different portable gadgets, including the iPod, Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), and phones from Treo and Nokia. As you might expect, the premium edition, called TiVo Desktop Plus, is available for a fee of $24.95 ... (view more)

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Get Directions from your iPod

Got a new video iPod? Then ipodiway.com is for you! With ipodiway.com, you can export directions from Yahoo! Local, and then import the instructions directly to your iPod. Never be lost again! From the ipodiway.com web site: The website ... www.ipodiway.com is very simple to use. Just like using Yahoo Maps, you would enter your starting and destination address in the corresponding online form. Once you have entered your start and destination information, simply click on "Verify Directions" to make sure that you'll be given correct and accurate driving directions. Your very last step is to click ... (view more)


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