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LastPass Password Manager a 'Phishing Risk'

A security researcher says he's published proof that users of password manager tool LastPass could easily be tricked into handing over login details. LastPass insists there is no bug with the service itself, but has made some changes to mitigate the ... issue. Sean Cassidy published details of the potential attack at a security conference. He says the way LastPass operates makes it too easy to create bogus looking login pages that could fool users into handing over their login credentials. According to Cassidy, two main problems combine to create the phishing risk. One is that LastPass ... (view more)

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'Ocenaudio 2.0.7', and 'Lastpass 3.1.50'

Ocenaudio 2.0.7 This fast, functional, and easy-to-use audio editor is the perfect tool for people who love to edit and analyze audio files. Ocenaudio is compatible with several major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. ... Lastpass 3.1.50 Remembering all of your passwords can be really difficult. LastPass helps you simplify your digital life by remembering all of your most important passwords for you. LastPass uses advanced encryption and authentication techniques to protect those passwords. Note: there is a free version, trial, and premium ... (view more)

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'SmoothDraw 4.0.4', and 'LastPass 3.0.1'

SmoothDraw 4.0.4 This digital drawing and painting software makes it easy to create your own unique images. Using this program you can use all kinds of brush and retouch tools and add layers to your images. SmoothDraw is compatible with Windows XP, ... Vista, and Windows 7. LastPass 3.0.1 The newest version of the LastPass freeware password manager is finally here. This program helps you generate the strongest passwords but only requires you remember one of them. That means you can log into your favorite sites and services with a single click. This ... (view more)

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'LastPass 2.0.2', and 'YoWindow 3.0.143'

LastPass 2.0.2 Download LastPass and you'll learn the last password you'll ever have to remember. This password manager includes a number of incredibly handy options that not only make it easy to remember passwords but also protect you and your ... privacy from snooping hackers. YoWindow 3.0.143 YoWindow provides you with a desktop picture that reflects the actual weather in your selected area. It's a living landscape that is both attractive and informative. YoWindow displays clouds, rain, snow, wind, fog, and thunderstorms. This freeware software program ... (view more)

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'LastPass 1.69.5', and 'Vista Start Menu 3.71'

LastPass 1.69.5 LastPass is a password manager tool that makes web browsing easier, more convenient and more secure. Features include One Master Password, automatic form filling, one-click login, and more. Also features the ability to synchronize ... across multiple browsers. Vista Start Menu 3.71 Vista Start Menu is the convenient alternative to the plain Start menu you find in Windows XP and Windows Vista. While it is easily understandable for beginners, it is also highly efficient for experienced users. This freeware software program is brought ... (view more)

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