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'Disk Idle Optimizer', and '10 Things You Should Know About Every Linux Installation'

Disk Idle Optimizer Defrag your hard drive with your spare CPU cycles! Optimize all files, or just your boot files, or both. Using the built in disk defragger in Windows XP (SP2 Required), this program senses when your computer is at an idle state ... and defrags your hard drive. As soon as you begin using your computer again, Disk Idle Optimizer will stop defragging within 20 ms, allowing you to use your PC to its fullest. Does not require the creation of any new services or use of any more resources - uses the API that is already in place. No memory hogs or slowdowns. ... (view more)

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Linux for the Human Race

As a long time UNIX Systems Administrator, I enjoyed the ebb and flow of data processing in a rather intense world of Commercial UNIX. Working with operating systems with names like AIX, Solaris, HP/UX and Irix, I was surrounded with a complex but ... orderly set of environments that although similar at first glance, were fascinating in their strengths and differences. Each was UNIX at the very basic core, but the different philosophy and approach of each vendor made working with each one an interesting experience. And I mean that in a good way! When I discovered Linux in 1994, I had no problem ... (view more)

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Sound Card

A sound card is a computer expansion card that can input and output sound under program control. Most personal computers today have sound cards built onto the main board and do not require a secondary / separate sound card. Sound Cards: General ... Characteristics A typical sound card includes a sound chip usually featuring a digital-to-analog converter that converts recorded or generated digital waveforms of sound into an analog format. This signal is led to a (earphone-type) connector where a cable to an amplifier or similar sound destination can be plugged in. More advanced designs usually ... (view more)


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