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Email Saver Xe Review, Part 2

There are a few issues regarding last week's article on Email Saver Xe, so I'll just get straight to it. RE: Incorrect Coupon Code I normally proof-read articles a number of times before sending out the newsletter to Readers. And so after making a ... number of routine corrections to last Thursday's feature article, I initiated the command to clean the subscriber base and begin sending out the newsletter. A few hours later, my mailbox began filling up with letters from Infopackets Readers wondering why the coupon code for Email Saver Xe would not work. As it turns out, the correct coupon code is ... (view more)

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Microsoft Outlook Auto Complete enable or disable?

Die-hard Infopackets Reader Brandon S. writes: " Dear Dennis, How can I enable or disable the Auto Complete feature in Microsoft Outlook? It worked previously in Outlook Express but doesn't seem activated in MS Outlook. Thanks for everything, and ... take care! " My response: I personally don't use Microsoft Outlook, so I decided to use Google to try and find the answer to Brandon's question. The suggestions below are based on some of Google's top picks. To Recap: When enabled, the Auto Complete feature suggests frequently used email addresses when data is entered in the To:, Bcc: or Cc ... (view more)

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