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'X-Mouse Button Control 2.7', and 'Ghostery 5.2.1'

X-Mouse Button Control 2.7 Are you a Windows user who wants to get more out of their mouse? X-Mouse Button Control allows you to remap your mouse buttons and expand its capabilities. With this program you can use your mouse to launch applications, ... copy / cut / paste, and capture a screenshot. Ghostery 5.2.1 Do you find it unnerving when websites track your activity? Ghostery can help. This program from Mozilla (makers of Firefox) shows you who's tracking your web browsing. You can then use this information to block the tracker and keep your privacy secure. https ... (view more)

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Selecting Text in MS Word

This tips sounds fairly innocuous but believe it or not, there is some information in here about selecting your text in MS Word that you may not have been aware of: Follow the steps below to see if there is something YOU didn't know about: To select ... a word, double-click your left mouse button on the word. To select a sentence, hold down CTRL and single click your left mouse button on the sentence. To select a line of text on the screen, single-click with your left mouse button in the left screen margin at the line you want to select. To select a paragraph, triple-click your left mouse button ... (view more)

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Right-Click Alternate Menus in WordPerfect

Pretty much anyone who uses a computer is savvy when it comes to "point and click" using the left mouse button. But when using the alternate (right) mouse button many users often remark, "What else can this mouse do?" The truth is that the right ... mouse button is just as powerful as the left, and it's a feature that is available in all Windows programs. When the right mouse button is clicked (in almost all circumstances), a "dialogue" menu pops up and provides the user with choices that are related to the task at hand. For example: when you right-click with WordPerfect, you receive ... (view more)

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