Right-Click Alternate Menus in WordPerfect

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Pretty much anyone who uses a computer is savvy when it comes to "point and click" using the left mouse button. But when using the alternate (right) mouse button many users often remark, "What else can this mouse do?"

The truth is that the right mouse button is just as powerful as the left, and it's a feature that is available in all Windows programs. When the right mouse button is clicked (in almost all circumstances), a "dialogue" menu pops up and provides the user with choices that are related to the task at hand.

For example: when you right-click with WordPerfect, you receive help with the following areas:

  • Within the body of a document: formatting and aligning text; pasting or copying text; changing the font; inserting a symbol; and activating Spell Checker, or using a Dictionary.
  • Within the left margin of your document: allows you to select sections of text or insert a comment.
  • Within a Toolbar: allows you the option of adding icons by clicking on Edit from the menu.
  • Within the Application Bar (at the bottom of the screen): will indicate the page number, position and it will even give you the option of hiding the Application Bar.

So start experimenting with the right-click and see what you can discover!

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