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How to Fix: Disable Windows 10 Password Reminder

Infopackets Reader Dan A. writes: " Dear Dennis, I upgraded to Windows 10 last year and now all the sudden I keep receiving popup notifications from the Windows 10 Action Centre that my Windows 10 password is about to expire. I have never received ... this password expire notification before. How can I disable these notifications? " My response: I also started receiving these notifications some time in the last two weeks and I'm not sure why. Perhaps there was an update to Windows 10 that caused these notifications to appear. How to Fix: Disable Windows 10 Password Reminder There are a few ways ... (view more)

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Android Devices Get Hack Attempt Alerts On-Screen

Users of Android smartphones and tablets will soon get an instant warning when somebody attempts to log in to their Google account. The notification comes as an on-screen message, rather than by email. The new feature is designed to enhance ... two-factor authentication. That's an optional feature which means that if somebody tries to sign in to a Google account on another device, they will have to wait for a security code to be sent via email, text message or through a dedicated app so that they can continue to login to the account. If no code or the improper code is entered, then the ... (view more)

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Windows 10 Install Surprising Users

Microsoft's push to get Windows 10 onto computers seems to be going a step further than anticipated. Even tech-savvy users are complaining their machines updated to the new system without their express consent. The last big change to the Windows 10 ... upgrade process took place last month, but seems to be working more aggressively than expected. The change involved Windows 10 being reclassified as a "Recommended" update in the automatic update program. That was hugely significant as the default setting for most Windows PCs is to install all recommended updates automatically. It ... (view more)

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Disable CD drive Spin Up in Explorer, Part 2

Last week, Rich V. asked: " Is there any way to stop Windows Explorer from spinning up my CD ROM drive intermittently? " My Response: I suggested a buffering program, and also suggested not putting any thing in the drive: but hey -- there's got to ... be a better way! So, I asked Infopackets Readers if they had any better ideas. I only received 2 suggestions. Doug L. was nice enough to recommend DisCD v0.99: " DisCD disables CD-ROM drives, so that they won't spin up on opening of Explorer or similar programs. For Windows NT/2000 only. " Dave G ... (view more)

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