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How to Disable Windows 10 Email Login

Infopackets Reader Alice K. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just installed Windows 10 on my PC, and I was disappointed that I now have to sign on with a Microsoft account email address. I would much rather not have to login to Windows 10 with a Microsoft ... account. Is there any way I can login to Windows 10 normally without an email address? " My response: Windows 10 and its services are largely based on the user having an Internet connection and a Microsoft account. For example, OneDrive, which allows users to store files seamlessly on the Internet, requires a Microsoft account in order to ... (view more)

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MS Kills OneDrive 'Placeholders' for 'Selective Sync'

Microsoft is facing a storm of protest over its decision to remove a popular feature from its OneDrive cloud storage service. The change is set to take shape when the company's next operating system, Windows 10 , is released next year. In Windows ... 8.1, OneDrive shows ' smart files ', otherwise known as ' placeholders ' stored on the cloud, but not available on a local device. If a user decides they want to view or edit that file and double click on it, OneDrive begins to download the file to local storage. The advantage of smart files is simple: they let users view the entire contents of ... (view more)

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MS Sway Could Replace Powerpoint; Testing on iPhone

Microsoft has begun public testing of a new presentation application that could one day replace its incredibly popular and widely used MS PowerPoint. The main focus of the tool, named Sway, is to remove the barriers between presentations on ... different computing devices, such as smartphones and PCs. The idea of Sway is that it shouldn't matter what type of content you want to build into a presentation, or what device you want to show it on. That's a major contrast to MS PowerPoint, where it can be difficult to bring together multiple file formats or to create presentations that look the ... (view more)

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Get 15GB Cloud Storage Free from Microsoft; 1TB for Office 365

Microsoft is drastically expanding the amount of cloud storage available to both its OneDrive users (formerly SkyDrive), and Office 365 software suite: from 7GB to 15GB, and from 25GB to 1TB respectively. The changes are likely made to increase ... awareness of Office 365, and slated to take effect some time next month. If you want to synchronize data across multiple devices for free, this is a great opportunity to experiment with cloud-based storage. Typical usage includes data backup and sharing documents or pictures. Microsoft OneDrive is available to the general public (for free), so long as ... (view more)

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'WinAudit 3.0', and 'Microsoft OneDrive 17.0.4041.0512'

WinAudit 3.0 Want to know more about your system? Then give WinAudit a try. It provides a comprehensive report showing everything you need to know about your computer's hardware and software. It's the perfect tool for both IT professionals and ... curious home users. Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) 17.0.4041.0512 Microsoft's popular cloud-based storage service has gotten a brand new name: OneDrive. But it still offers users lots of free storage (7 gigabytes), allowing them to access their favorite files and folders from almost any device. https:// ... (view more)

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