Optional Windows Update Fixes Host Of Problems

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Microsoft has released an optional update for Windows 10. It's arguably only worth installing for users who've suffered the specific glitches it fixes.

The update, KB5000842, is available for Windows 10 versions 2004 and 20H2, meaning any machine that received either of the two major feature updates from last year.

It's an optional update as it contains fixes which will then roll out in next month's automatic update. That means there's still a degree of testing with these fixes, which makes for a bit of a gamble given how often a Microsoft fix for one problem appears to cause another problem.

Users can manually install the update through Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update -> Optional updates available. That may be worth doing for users suffering specific problems addressed by the update. (Source: microsoft.com)

File Explorer Freeze Fixed

The most notable fix is for File Explorer, which has been freezing or slowing computers for some users, particularly when carrying out a search with filters.

Another glitch addressed by the update affected High Dynamic Range (HDR) monitors which are designed to show a wider range of contrasts and colors. The glitch has caused some monitors to display a much darker picture than intended.

The update also tackles a problem when a user deletes a file that is synced with Microsoft's cloud storage service OneDrive.

Multiple Monitors Glitchy

People who use multiple monitors may find the update useful as it addresses issues with the Internet Explorer (IE) Mode in Microsoft Edge and with attempts to synchronize video played on two monitors at once.

Users of touchscreen devices who have found the Close button doesn't remove notifications as expected should also find a fix here, as should those who have had problems with 7.1 channel surround sound.

There's also a change that's either a fix or a feature depending on your viewpoint: users of the Family Safety app will now get a warning when a child account in the app has administrator privileges, which would undermine the point of the app. (Source: neowin.net)

What's Your Opinion?

Have you suffered any of these problems? Do you pay much attention to optional updates? Is making the updates optional at first a good way to test fixes before they go out to everyone?

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I just figured file explorer hanging was something else on my computer as rebooting usually fixed it if it was being sluggish. Happened when using search filters and right click menu usually. Will have to see if I notice it now since I did install the update yesterday.