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Facebook's Privacy Checkup: Genuine, or Facade?

Facebook's Privacy Checkup is finally being rolled out in an effort to help users understand and control their privacy settings. It's a step-by-step process - interestingly, led by a nameless blue dinosaur - that shows users who can see their data ... and how they can customize their privacy settings to their liking. While some critics view the new Privacy Checkup system as a step in the right direction, others suggest that its impact will directly affect Facebook's bottom line. Privacy Checkup Guides Users Step-by-Step The program was first announced back in the spring of 2014. It's a three- ... (view more)

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Microsoft Readies Windows Live Messenger Upgrade

Users of Microsoft's popular Windows Messenger will soon notice the company has given the service a dramatic facelift. In a recent preview, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed off several of Messenger's new features, ranging from tabbed conversations ... to high-definition video chat. "The new Messenger will provide a great way to have more meaningful conversations with the people you care about most while also bringing together your social networks and sharing updates, cutting through the clutter, and staying up to date with your favorite friends," Microsoft noted in a recent statement. (Source: ... (view more)

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