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Can't Change Internet Explorer Settings (Proxy Server)?

Infopackets Reader Paul Y. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have Windows 8.1 and I can no longer use Internet Explorer or Chrome web browser -- only Firefox works! Every time I go to use Internet Explorer or Chrome, a blank page appears (as if it's trying ... to connect to something), and then eventually I get an error message stating that it can't connect to the Proxy Server. I have no idea why the Proxy Server setting was enabled, or how to disable it. I tried to disable it in Internet Explorer via Internet Options (LAN Settings), but the selections are pre-set / ghosted out, and I'm unable to change ... (view more)

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Google Issues Malware Warnings

Google has launched a new service designed to warn users that they are infected with a particular type of Windows malware. However, the move has raised concerns that it could make things easier for scammers. Web Pages Redirected Using Malicious ... Proxy Server The service is actually integrated with Google's search results page, and the warning message will only display when a computer appears to be infected. (Source: ) The Google strategy involves a specific form of malicious software that affects Windows computers. When users attempt to visit a webpage, their visit is routed ... (view more)

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Computer tries to access

Infopackets Reader Frances D. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a problem getting my home page as well as other web pages to pull up. My email pulls up, and sends fine. Sometimes, when I access Internet explorer, it tries to connect, but then reports an ... error message. Other times it will slowly pull up and stop at the half way mark. It tells me it is connecting to site What the heck is site I have contacted my Internet Service Provider and they have told me a number of things to try, but nothing has worked. Is this my computer or is it an Internet problem? " My ... (view more)

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