Can't Change Internet Explorer Settings (Proxy Server)?

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Infopackets Reader Paul Y. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I have Windows 8.1 and I can no longer use Internet Explorer or Chrome web browser -- only Firefox works! Every time I go to use Internet Explorer or Chrome, a blank page appears (as if it's trying to connect to something), and then eventually I get an error message stating that it can't connect to the Proxy Server. I have no idea why the Proxy Server setting was enabled, or how to disable it. I tried to disable it in Internet Explorer via Internet Options (LAN Settings), but the selections are pre-set / ghosted out, and I'm unable to change them. How can I fix this problem? "

My response:

The problem was unclear to me, so I asked to connect to Paul's system via our Remote Desktop Support portal so that I could see the issue he was having first hand. He agreed to let me connect to his computer in order to have a look.

Sure enough, I could easily replicate Paul's problem. I did the following:

1. I launched Internet Explorer, then clicked the white cogwheel at the top right ("Tools")

2. A menu appeared; I then clicked "Internet Options"; this opened a new Window

3. I clicked the Connections tab, then LAN Settings (button); a new window appeared

4. The option for "Proxy Server" was pre-selected and grayed out; I was unable to change it, just like Paul said

Interestingly, there was also a message at the bottom of the Window stating I needed administrator access to make changes. I thought perhaps Paul didn't have administrator access on his system (which is required to make web browser changes), so I went to the Control Panel and User Accounts, and saw that he in fact had administrator access. So why wasn't it working?

At this point I was stumped, and then I decided to try a trick:

Instead of launching Internet Explorer from the desktop with a left mouse click, I right-clicked the Internet Explorer icon, then selected "Run as Administrator." A window appeared asking me if I wanted to let Internet Explorer make changes to the system; I selected Yes.

I then repeated the same four steps I listed above, but this time, I was able to un-checkmark the Proxy Server settings. I then placed a checkmark beside "Automatically detect settings." I then applied the changes, and closed the browser. I then re-launched Internet Explorer as usual with a left mouse click.

Problem solved! The problem for Chrome was also resolved, as it appears to use the same connection settings for Internet Explorer.

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This is the kind of article I need on a regular basis. Even similar problems seldom pop up in the same way each time, making the flexible outlook a valuable asset. Thanks for the contemporary demo. Just had a Fail-to-Snap-to-side-of-screen issue in a Win-8.1u that was simply waiting for a restart to finish an update cycle before going back to normal. If I hadn't been playing with Snap at the time, it would not have been a problem. Keep those tips coming.

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Having the same problem with my Windows 7 Pro machine. I tried the steps as described but it did not work.

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My husband spent 20 minutes wrestling with this problem for the xxxxth time on his Windows Vista box. You made the solution SOOOOOO easy!!!! Thank you!!!!

I am so pleased, I was eager to support your site, so I registered.

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You're welcome and I'm glad that I could help :)

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It took me almost two weeks to fix the "Can't save the changes made to Internet explorer-proxy settings" until I came across your trick (fix).

I signed up/joined.
Thank you so much!