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How to Disable Bing Results in Windows Search

Windows 10 users can once again disable Bing Internet results from showing up in the Windows search taskbar. Unfortunately, it involves editing the Registry rather than changing a settings menu. One of the "improvements" of Windows 10 is a combined ... search function. Users who type in a search through the Start menu will not only see results from the computer itself (for example, matching filenames) but also website results retrieved from Microsoft's Bing search engine. While theoretically this could be useful in some cases, some users find it frustrating or intrusive, particularly with the ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Program Won't Remove from Programs and Features

Infopackets Reader Rick F. writes: " Dear Dennis, I had a problem trying to uninstall a program via the Control Panel (Add or Remove Programs / Programs and Features) and ended up having to remove it manually. The problem now is that the program ... won't uninstall from Programs and Features . Is there a way to manually fix a program that won't remove from Programs and Features so it's completely removed from the list? It's like I have a phantom entry and I don't know how to get rid of it. I hope what I'm asking makes sense. I've tried to follow so-called guides online to fix this problem but ... (view more)

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