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Windows Defender Gets 'Sandbox' Protection

Microsoft is beefing up Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus and antimalware security tool in Windows 10. It's now using the same sandbox technology that's used in other tools, including some major web browsers. The concept of a sandbox is taken ... from the child's play area of the same name. It's a metaphor about the way the child has an area to play in freely and do what they like, but also has clearly defined boundaries. Fortunately, computer code tends to follow instructions better than a child told to stay in the sandbox. In computing terms, the sandbox is a concept about access that ... (view more)

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Security Experts Stunned as Google Chrome Hacked

A French security firm says it now knows how to hack its way into Google's Chrome browser. If the claim turns out to be true, it would represent a surprising weakness for a web browser considered by some to be the safest available. The hack report ... comes from France's Vupen, which says it was able to sidestep Chrome's defenses -- including the highly reputable sandbox design -- as well as Windows 7's built-in anti-exploit infrastructure. Report Stuns Security Experts The exploit is "one of the most sophisticated codes we have seen and created so far, as it bypasses all security features ... (view more)

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'Coreboot', and 'Web Sandbox'

Coreboot With this very useful and advanced new program, users can replace the proprietary BIOS found in most computers. Coreboot currently supports as many as 200 different main boards (motherboards), making it an exceptionally useful and ... compatible tool. Web Sandbox Live Labs Web Sandbox technology preview is a solution for securing web content through isolation. Today web gadgets, mashup components, advertisements, and third party content on websites either run with full trust alongside your content or are isolated inside of IFrames. As a result, many modern web ... (view more)

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'Sandbox', and 'Windows 7'

Sandbox Sandbox is a 3D video game design software tool. It's the game design tool based on the Cube 2 engine and allows users to quickly and easily create and edit their own worlds in-game, even cooperatively. It is free, open source, and easy to ... use for kids and adults alike. Windows 7 If you didn't like Windows Vista, you can try Windows 7: Microsoft's next and highly-anticipated operating system. Note that this is a Beta version of Windows 7, meaning that it is the not complete / final version and it still has bugs. This beta version also expires on August ... (view more)

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