'Sandbox', and 'Windows 7'

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Sandbox is a 3D video game design software tool. It's the game design tool based on the Cube 2 engine and allows users to quickly and easily create and edit their own worlds in-game, even cooperatively. It is free, open source, and easy to use for kids and adults alike.


Windows 7

If you didn't like Windows Vista, you can try Windows 7: Microsoft's next and highly-anticipated operating system. Note that this is a Beta version of Windows 7, meaning that it is the not complete / final version and it still has bugs. This beta version also expires on August 2009, so grab it and try it out before it's too late!


Today's fresh software picks were provided courtesy of Bob Helmer at Shell Extension City. Please note that the below software descriptions are provided solely from the developer and are absent from any guarantee or warranty. You are encouraged to review the Shell Extension Software Policy for more details.

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