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Unlimited Smartphone Deal Targets Users Aged 55 and Over

T-Mobile is launching a special phone plan for seniors, following on from AT&T. The difference is that T-Mobile's plan covers data, making it more useful for smartphones. The T-Mobile plan allows for unlimited voice calls, texting and data use, ... albeit with some restrictions. Video playback is limited to standard definition, users can only share (tether) the connection with a computer at 3G speeds, and connections may be slowed if the user goes over 32GB of data in a month. (Source: ) It's the same package available to all T-Mobile users, but at a special price for ... (view more)

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Gaming and the Elderly: Will Today's Gamers Close the Gap?

Can the video game industry break the technology-created age barrier? Although nothing is certain at the moment, Microsoft has made attempts to do so. In conjunction with game maker Electronic Arts, Microsoft brought a day of gaming to a pensioners' ... settlement in Finland. This specific venue was a prime choice, since Finland is home to the most rapidly aging population in Western Europe. The motive behind this day of electronic recreation was to gauge interest in gaming among pensioners. For the seniors, however, playing video games was merely a way to strengthen relationships with their ... (view more)

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