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Automatic Calculation Updates in the MS Excel Status Bar

Recently a reader wrote to me with an inquiry: " I have an MS Excel 2007 workbook with multiple worksheets. As I go from sheet to sheet, I want the value of one particular cell on my front sheet to be displayed in the status bar so I can watch it ... re-calculate as I make changes in the other sheets. Is this possible? I have seen it before, but do not know how they did it. Thank you so much. " My Reply: I did not have a ready answer for your inquiry regarding an automatic calculation showing in the status bar in MS Excel. I did, however, consult some experts on your behalf and this is ... (view more)

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Working with Multiple Worksheets in MS Excel 2007

Working with multiply sheets concurrently is how MS Excel power users create and format a complex workbook with the least amount of effort expended. Follow the steps below to make working with multiple sheet a piece of cake and you will be on your ... way to becoming a power user! Hold down the CTRL key as you click each tab top select multiple worksheets. To select a contiguous group of worksheets, click the first one in the group and then hold down the Shift key and click the last one in the group. To select all the worksheets in the current workbook, right-click any worksheet tab and choose ... (view more)

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'Bo2k', and 'Cheat Sheet Roundup'

Bo2k BO2K is the most powerful network administration tool available for the Microsoft environment, bar none. Built upon the phenomenal success of Back Orifice released in August 98, BO2K puts network administrators solidly back in control. In ... control of the system, network, registry, passwords, file system, and processes. BO2K is a lot like other other major file-synchronization and remote control packages that are on the market as commercial products. Except that BO2K is smaller, faster, free, and very, very extensible. With the help of the open-source development community, BO2K will grow ... (view more)

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