Automatic Calculation Updates in the MS Excel Status Bar

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Recently a reader wrote to me with an inquiry:

" I have an MS Excel 2007 workbook with multiple worksheets. As I go from sheet to sheet, I want the value of one particular cell on my front sheet to be displayed in the status bar so I can watch it re-calculate as I make changes in the other sheets. Is this possible? I have seen it before, but do not know how they did it. Thank you so much. "

My Reply:

I did not have a ready answer for your inquiry regarding an automatic calculation showing in the status bar in MS Excel. I did, however, consult some experts on your behalf and this is what I found for you.

You can add this code in the "Thisworkbook" module of your workbook and whenever the workbook recalculates it will put the contents of Sheet 1 cell A1 (change as you like) in the status bar:

  • CODE:
  • Private Sub Workbook_SheetCalculate (ByVal Sh As Object)
  • Application.StatusBar = Worksheets ("Sheet").Range("A1") . Value
  • End Sub

I hope this has been helpful to you!

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