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Dating App 'Politics' Filter Turned Against Rioters

A dating app has removed – and then replaced – a filter for political views among potential partners. Bumble discovered some users were taking advantage of the filter to "entrap" people involved in the recent breach of the US Capitol. Bumble is a dat app that works like several others in that it shows users potential matches in their geographic area. If two users both indicate an interest in each other's profile, they can begin communication. However, unlike most such services, with a male-female match, only the woman can initiate contact and begin an exchange of messages. Users can filter ...ref="/news/10884/dating-app-politics-filter-turned-against-rioters" class="more-link">view more)

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Oklahoma Twitter Terrorist Stopped by Authorities

Now that Oprah's Twittering , it's only fair that America's weirdoes follow her onto the popular social networking site. Recently, an Oklahoma City man was arrested after threatening to go on a killing rampage over his tax return. In a Twitter post ... two weeks ago, Daniel Knight Hayden -- known to his Twitter friends as CitizenQuasar -- encouraged pals to join him in a bloody and brutal protest against the government over what CNET is reporting was a tax disagreement. "START THE KILLING NOW! I am willing to be the FIRST DEATH!," read Hayden's April 11th post. He followed that shortly afterwards ... (view more)

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