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Report: Apple Tablet Market Dominance May Be Over

A new report shows that Samsung may soon challenge Apple for control of the highly lucrative tablet computer market. The report shows that Apple's hold on the tablet market is fast declining , while Samsung tablets -- like the Galaxy Tab 4 -- are ... being embraced by consumers. New research from industry analyst firm IDC shows that Apple continues to have a lead in the tablet market, with the company selling 13.3 million units of its popular iPad in the second quarter. That represents a 26.9 per cent market share, suggesting that more than one in four tablets sold today are iPads. Samsung ... (view more)

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Android Tablets More Popular Than iPad: Report

It may seem like the Apple iPad is a ubiquitous device, but a new report suggests that sales of Android-based tablet computers will soon surpass those of Apple slates. Overall, it's expected the tablet market will boom in 2013. According to a new ... report from research firm IDC, the total number of tablet computers shipped this year will reach 190 million units. That's an increase from earlier predictions from IDC, which had previously forecast sales of roughly 172 million units. (Source: ) Smaller Tablets Help Market Grow Reports indicate that the emergence of smaller, lower-priced ... (view more)

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Windows 8 Final Expected by Late 2012, say Experts

Analysts are using the recent announcement by Microsoft of a February 29, 2012, Windows 8 Consumer Preview event to predict that the company's next operating system (OS) should become commercially available late in calendar 2012. The forecast is ... based on timelines from previous Windows releases. On Wednesday, February 8, Microsoft revealed the date for its Windows 8 Consumer Preview in Barcelona, Spain: February 29, 2012. Journalists invited to the event, which coincides with the World Mobile Congress in that city, will get the first official look at a beta version of the upcoming operating ... (view more)

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Windows 8 to Bring Strong iPad Competitors: Analyst

In a new report, a J.P. Morgan analyst says it's unlikely a serious contender for Apple's iPad tablet will emerge until after the release of Windows 8. Such a prediction comes only weeks after a purported iPad rival, the Hewlett-Packard (HP) ... TouchPad, essentially bowed out of the race. TouchPad Failure Re-Affirms iPad Dominance Underlying the failure of HP's touchpad was a re-affirmation of Apple's power in this emergent market. The TouchPad was once considered a serious competitor for the iPad, and in only a few months' time, it was completely obliterated. HP's failure hasn't convinced other ... (view more)

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Experts Predict Holiday Sales Dip for Apple iPad

It would seem all the pressure these days is on Microsoft and PC makers to put out a Windows 7 tablet that can rival the popular Apple iPad. But recent reports from industry analysts suggest iPad sales could take a dip this holiday season, primarily ... because consumers are expected to reign in spending. The report comes from Rodman ... (view more)

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