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XP SP2: FAQs from our Readers, Part 2

XP SP2 Frequently Asked Questions: Continued from Part 1 ... Q: " I already have Norton Internet Security installed and running. Does it make sense to use the Service Pack 2 Firewall or should I stick with Norton? Should I use both at the same time? ... " A: It is not recommended that you run two firewalls at once, as this can cause problems with programs which rely on your Internet connection. I don't have any experience with Norton Firewall, but I personally recommend using Zone Alarm (free), as it is widely accepted among the Internet community as a very strong and secure firewall ... (view more)

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Computer Icon in Tray Bar Next to Clock has Red X?

Infopackets Reader Ed M. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a Broadcom 440x10/100 Integrated [Ethernet] Controller built onto my computer's main board. On the task bar (near my clock), I can see a computer icon with a red X on top of it. If I hover my ... mouse over top, it says 'LAN or High Speed Internet' is disconnected. Could you please instruct me on how to connect it? " My response: Actually, this sounds like a similar scenario I recently faced when visiting my friend Frank in Toronto, except he has an extra Network card in his machine that is currently not in use (rather than an extra ... (view more)

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Mouse is frozen sometimes in Windows XP?, Part 2

Recall Jack G.'s question from last week: " Every now and then my mouse is frozen when I boot up Windows XP. Is their anything I can do to fix this problem? " Since then, I've received a whole whack of suggestions from readers of the Gazette. In ... fact, I couldn't believe how many people share the same problem as Jack. Unfortunately, it would appear that there is not a one-set solution to this problem. So, I'll give you the best of the suggestions I received and hopefully it may resolve some of your problems. Suggestion #1: CTRL + ALT + DEL The most popular (temporary) solution was to ... (view more)

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To Upgrade Windows -- The Pros and Cons

A few weeks ago, I was called to do an upgrade on an older, Pentium 200 (P200) MHz computer. The P200 was equipped with an old-style scanner that used a special interface. After a few years of good use, the scanner died and needed to be replaced. ... Since the Pentium 200 did not come equipped with a USB interface (universal serial bus), shopping for a new scanner was difficult. The options were to buy an old-style scanner which used the Parallel Port (Printer Port) as its interface - but this was not a viable option because it was extremely slow and would not meet the demand in an office ... (view more)


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