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Saturday, January 16, 1965
Madison, WI
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I own a consulting company that specializes in helping companies with their IT architecture, whether that be a flow blow Enterprise Architecture program, application, data or infrastructure. We also have a team that does nothing but help companies recovery their IT assets after a disaster, either natural, man made. We work on between 30 and 50 recoveries a year, ranging from small non-profits to large multi-national corporations.

Using what we are seeing in our recovery practice and our 60 years of combined backup and recovery experience, we also work with organizations to assess their current backup solution and determine if it is providing the level of protection they believe it is. If / when gaps are identified, we help the client mitigate, and if necessary, totally retool their backup environment. For our small / medium sized clients, we do offer a wide array of backup / recovery as a service options as well.
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