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Intel's Core 2 Duo Making Way to Notebooks

Get ready for the next wave of laptop processing power. Intel has announced that it is shipping the Core 2 Duo chip -- the latest technology in processing speed -- to retailers, making it possible for ridiculously fast notebooks to make their way ... into electronics stores by the holiday season. According to Intel, nearly 200 laptop models will incorporate the new Core 2 Duo into future design. Code-named "Merom," the chip will make an appearance in notebooks from a variety of reputable makers, including Samsung, Toshiba, Alienware, Hewlett-Packard, and of course Dell. Also expected to upgrade ... (view more)

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Intel's Core 2 Duo Chip Launched

Intel's Core 2 Duo microprocessor launched this past week, and the event was appropriately sensational for the chip's highly anticipated release. In what might be considered the most significant occurence in Intel's history, a glitzy show with the ... theme "believe the hype" whipped anxious techies into a fury at the company's Santa Clara headquarters. And, according to many insiders, Intel's chip actually lives up to its billing. The 2 Duo features some massive spikes in speed while at the same time managing to significantly decrease power consumption. In comparison with its previous chips, ... (view more)

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Intel In Trouble: Processing Chip Company Facing Legal and Financial Woes

The processing chip war is already taking its toll on Intel. Recent reports suggest that not only is Advance Micro Devices (AMD) laying down a heavy antitrust lawsuit against Intel in Germany, but the latter is also slashing 1,000 management ... positions worldwide in order to remain competitive. Infopackets recently reported on the clearance of current generation processing chips by both Intel and AMD, and the price is evidently proving costly for Intel. The battle between AMD and Intel is most ferocious abroad, where AMD plans on officially complaining to German authorities that Intel made ... (view more)


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