New Features Revealed for Win10 April 2019 Release

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Microsoft has revealed a few of the changes coming in future Windows 10 updates. They are mostly tweaks rather than new features, though that will likely reduce the chances of performance bugs.

The changes have been unveiled as part of the "Fast Ring" of the Windows 10 Insiders Program. That means they're going out to the people in Microsoft's test program who've signed up to try out changes before anyone else, knowing it carries the biggest risk of new features not working well or even having bugs that affect Windows and other applications.

New Windows 10 Changes Go Public April 2019

Microsoft notes the changes are part of the "19H1" development cycle. That means that as long as the testing program doesn't find any unsolvable problems, the changes should appear in the next major twice-yearly public update, penciled in for April 2019. (Source:

Microsoft is not officially naming the 19H1 release as the final "Windows 10 April 2019 Update", as it has with previous major Windows 10 releases. Technically speaking, the 19H1 is the codename used for the behind-the-scenes work which will likely appear as part of the full fledged "Windows 10 April 2019 Update" when it is finally released. That said, many tech websites are already using both terms interchangeably - presumably because the features will be released at or around the same time.

Some of the new changes are merely cosmetic. More functional changes include the Settings menu offering an easier way to access more sign-in options including setting up a physical security key (such as a USB stick) that can be used to sign into a Microsoft account without a password.

Another change is that the Files in the Downloads folder will now be listed with the most recently downloaded files viewed first by default. The idea is that users won't have to hunt through an alphabetical list to find a file they've just downloaded, particularly when it has an unmemorable name. The change won't affect anyone who has already changed the default order in which files appear. (Source:

Notepad Weird Symbols Less Common

Another feature is a "quick unpin" option for groups and folders in the Start menu.

There are also behind-the-scenes tweaks to the on screen keyboard used on some Windows 10 touchscreen devices. The idea is to reduce the chances of the user "hitting" the wrong key.

Windows Notepad has also received tweaks that should reduce unusual symbols and characters when cutting and pasting to or from web pages.

There's also an option to change the color and size of the mouse cursor to make it easier to see.

The "power" button in the Start Menu will now turn orange when a Windows Update requires a restart of the PC. This replaces the current small green logo.

What's Your Opinion?

Do any of these updates sound welcome? Are you more interested in usability tweaks or major new features? Do you feel Microsoft is listening to users when it comes to Windows 10?

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dayman_11658's picture

A totally heartless and uninterested Company.
They have absolutely NO interested in their users opinions.
They have since, Mr Gates, inadvertantly started the company,
been in a very priviledged position, with virtually no competition.
This has allowed them to do 'their own thing', and totally ignore
what users of their systems have requested and required.
They are due for a 'huge fall', just like the dinosaurs,
and other companies, like ICL, DEC, and others!
In the last 40 odd years I have seen it so many times.
Microsoft and Apple do not own the Computer industry!
Even though they may think they do!!

YankeeVictor's picture

100% with you,
i can't wait to see the fall of the God-complex tyrant Microsoft.
It is baffling what they "create' with their billions $$ and
1000's of 'smart' arrogant and ignorant dev's.
a orange start button, more colors for mouse pointers...impressive.
talking cosmetic, how about a redesigned folder view a la XP, with some nicely displayed
thumb previews. Since Vista we deal with a half open folder and some stacked completely useless previews...argh.
Golden cage Apple is not a good option either imo.
And i'm not geeky or smart enough for Linux.
Thanks for reading my rant, i feel a little better now 😊

dayman_11658's picture

Hi again,
I have complained to them for years about their antiquated and outdated
file systems in all versions of Windows, and virtually nothing has been done to
improve them. The latest total 'cock up' is Outlook mail (Hotmail). It refuuses to send emails using Firefox. All MS want to do is blame Firefox, but Outlook
is so much 'rubbish', it doesn't even explain what the problem is!! It just says the 'email cannot be sent'.
MS, as you say, are due for a mighty fall.
They nearly did it when the Internet was introduced. They only 'jumped on the bandwagon' at the very last minute!!
I think the 'next big thing', what ever that turns out to be, will be their final demise!

Jim-in-kansas's picture

I've never been a "bleeding edge" user of technology. With WIN10 that becomes much more difficult because Microsoft knows best. {this is where I spit on the ground :-)}.

Spent quite number of years in the telecom game for major international oil companies, Natural Gas pipeline companies, Public utilities and local government to get excited about the "latest and greatest" thing to come along.

That which works and keeps my customers productive is the name of the game.

WINDOWS-10 has revived my interest in Linux....

James Douglass, AC0E
05K USASA 70-73