Vista Upgrades on the Cheap

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It seems Mr. Bill Gates will be donning a big red suit this holiday season, as Microsoft readies its new operating system, Vista, for release in the New Year. The software giant appears ready to launch a massive upgrade program for many of its loyal customers, with reduced prices for those interested in replacing the Windows XP operating system with Vista.

The generous upgrade offers are being called "coupons" by some, with speculation that the initiative is being driven by Microsoft's own guilt over continuously pushing back Vista's release.

The "coupons" will be available any day now, and will perform some impressive money-saving measures. For one, they'll allow corporate XP users to upgrade to Vista for just the price of shipping and handling, estimated to be around $10 USD. That's huge savings considering the cost of the average upgrade, which had previously been placed between the $150 and $500 mark, depending on the necessary version. (Source:

XP Home users aren't quite as lucky.

Although they'll also be able to obtain the upgrade, the jump to Vista will force owners to plunk down about $49. For those making the leap from Windows Home Premium Edition, the cost is $79 (both exclude shipping costs). Still, considering earlier reports of the prices associated with the Vista upgrade, both are bargains. (Source:

Microsoft's generosity lasts from October 26, 2006 until March 15, 2007. It's part of what's being called the "Express Upgrade to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office Technology Guarantee program". But, we think the "Bill Gates plays Santa deal" sounds a whole lot better.

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