Disable CD drive Spin Up in Explorer, Part 3

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Recall --

Last week, Rich V. asked, " Is there any way to stop Windows Explorer from spinning up my CD ROM drive intermittently? "

In my response, I suggested a few ideas: use a CD buffering program, don't put anything in the CD drive so it doesn't spin up, and disable Auto Insert Notification for Windows 9x machines (details in previous newsletter).

Infopackets Reader Doug L. recommend DisCD v0.99: it disables CD-ROM drives so that they won't spin up when Explorer or similar programs are loaded (for Windows NT/2000 only); and, Dave G. says that you can hold the shift key on your keyboard -- before the disc is inserted -- in order to stop the drive from spinning up ... at least, until you access the it from My Computer (works for all versions of Windows).

Kevin B. emailed me today and told me about a free program called TweakAll 3, that is able to prevent Auto Run, and to restore it on machines where it has been disabled.


And, Chris B. [and many others] highly recommended X-Setup:

" The best 'tweaker' I know and use is X-teq Systems' X-Setup. It has a multitude of tweaks available for those who don't know where to find things in their file system (e.g. Control Panel), or don't want to play in the registry. You can select your own tweaks or use a built-in wizard. It's definitely worth a try, and a lot of fun for the unapologetic tweaker. The CD drive settings are located in the System-File System-CD AutoStart section. "


And lastly, John B. says you can do disable Auto Run with a with a registry edit (for Win2k / XP).

" Click Start -> Run -> type in: regedit; Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / System / CurrentControlSet / Services / CDROM; Change the value for Autorun to 0 (the numeric zero). "

Thanks for the suggestions!

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