Iranians Crack Windows Vista

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Vista's been out and it's all the buzz.

Some critics are claiming it just doesn't pack enough must-have applications to make it worth the costly upgrade, while others find the vastly improved Aero graphics and security to be a necessity for any home or office.

Regardless, most people would probably take Vista if it were just a bit cheaper. How's $8 sound? That's the price set by Iranian hackers, who have reportedly cracked Microsoft's new operating system.

Word of the crack comes from Iranian watchdog Taliya News, who believe the illegal act was performed so people of that country could actually afford the new OS. There's even a weird twist on the situation, making it seem somehow legal, with an Iranian software company doling out private serial numbers.

As mentioned, many Iranians are getting their hands on Vista for $8, or 80,000 Rials.

The strangest part of the story may be the different levels working together to make the crack somehow legitimate. Of course, it isn't that surprising that an Iranian crack of a major American corporation is deemed legal in the Mid-East. With excited exclamation points making the story seem like a great success, the Taliya News report is truly something out of the ordinary. (Source:

Microsoft has yet to comment on the Vista crack, and Taliya ensures all interested Iranians that those serial codes will pass through MS' online registration without detection. (Source:

Although we don't soon expect $8 ripped copies of Vista to hit North American shelves, Infopackets will soon be bringing you an in-depth look into the new operating system via its own eBook. Stay tuned.

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