Google Looking To Get Into Game and Television Advertising?

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Do a quick search for Google here at Infopackets, and you'll be amazed at all of the different ventures the company is involved in. And, even though the buzz is currently centered on Windows Vista, Google has managed to keep itself strongly in the news.

The latest: it appears that the search engine giant is looking to branch out into a new frontier -- video game and television advertising.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is looking to purchase Adscape Media, Inc. -- a company that puts advertising into video games. It could be a response to Microsoft's purchase of Massive Inc. -- another game ad company -- last year for almost $200 million. (Massive was the subject of an Infopackets article about EA games last year.)

At this point, both Google and Adscape are keeping a tight lid on the details.

"We are always considering new ways to extend Google's advertising program to benefit our users, advertisers and publishers," a Google spokesman told the Wall Street Journal. "In-game advertising offers one such possible extension among many others."

And all Adscape Chairman Bernard Stolar will admit to is that he "has spoken to every major player" about acquiring the company.

Google is also said to be in talks with CBS about radio and possibly television advertising, but neither organization is talking. (Source:

While the Wall Street Journal believes that Google wants to get into both television and radio advertising, a Merrill Lynch report suggests that the company has its sights set on just radio for now.

If the deal goes through, Google could sell ads that will appear on CBS-owned radio (and possibly TV) stations while distributing CBS content on the web. As expected, both companies would profit handsomely from the arrangement. (Source:

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