Best Crack of Vista Yet: Now Available

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Although critics have argued over the necessity of Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows Vista, there's little doubt that it does improve upon the security and simple visual functions offered by XP.

That's the primary reason behind hacker attempts to crack the software, with moderate success stories in the past few months. Now, it appears as though the most complete crack yet has been made available, one that can avert the problematic activation period.

Previous hacks to Vista, while said to be useful, have been only partially complete. That's because they've been largely subject to Microsoft's activation software, which makes sure that cracks are only usable for 30 days to, at best, six months. After that period, most Vista cracks simply stop working. (Source:

This latest split in Microsoft's defenses appears much more effective, however. Applying to Home Basic, Premium, and Ultimate editions of Vista, the new crack actually takes advantage of the preventative activation measure.


The new software compromises Vista's primary security because it includes product keys and certificate files from a number of manufacturers and retailers, including Lenovo, Dell, and ASUS. Users who opt to try the crack -- and we're not encouraging this shady behavior, of course -- will find that the retail and manufacturer information is directly installed onto their computer.

The result is a version of Vista that the operating system assumes is completely legitimate and activated. The fact that users are employing specific product keys and certificates makes Microsoft's task of eliminating this crack especially difficult, and industry experts still haven't figured out how the Redmond-based company will counteract the issue. (Source:

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