Track Changes to a Document: MS Word

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Instead of relying on comments, you can set up the Track Changes feature to enable others to change the text and show what they have added and deleted. When you activate this feature, any added text is displayed underlined and in a different color. Any text that is deleted is shown a strikethrough and in a different color. Each person's changes are signified by a different color.

Once the changes are made, one person must review them all and decide which changes to make permanent. The Reviewing toolbar has buttons to make this process go quickly.

To start the Track Changes feature, choose one of the methods below:

First, if you Reviewing toolbar isn't visible, right-click in an empty spot on your toolbar area and select Reviewing. Your Reviewing toolbar will now be visible.

  • Click the Track Changes button on the Reviewing Toolbar.
  • Double-click TRK on the Status bar at the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose Tools | Track Changes.
  • CTRL + Shift + E.

When the Track Changes is on, the TRK appears dark on the Status bar, and the Track Changes button on the Reviewing toolbar appears to be depressed.

Usually you will see edits as you make them. Any text you add appears underlines and in a different font color.

Text you delete is formatted as strikethrough.

To the left of every line with a change is a vertical bar. When you place the mouse pointer over one of the changes, you will see the name of the person who made the change as well as the date and time the change was effected.

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