Brand New Features in PowerPoint 2007

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MS PowerPoint has always been super easy to use even if you've never had any formal training, but this version is even easier than ever before!

Take a look at the features below:

  • There are twenty slide themes that apply colors, fonts and effects that will make your presentation look professional and consistent.
  • More than twenty pre-set color schemes that will determine the colors applied to the slide text and background, hyperlinks, and a half dozen accent colors. It's even possible to create your own custom schemes.
  • Version 2007 boasts two dozen pre-set font themes that apply specific fonts and font sizes to slide headings and body text.
  • Many, many styles for modifying the look of text, graphics, charts, and shapes. There are tools for formatting the fill and outline as well as many other effects, such as drop shadows, glow colors, etc.

I know you cannot wait to get started working in this newer version, so stick around and there will be lots of tips and tricks for you in upcoming articles!

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