Assigning Categories to Notes in MS Outlook

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You can assign categories to notes, just as you can to any other Outlook item. Categorizing helps you organize your notes, particularly if you choose to view your Notes folder by category.

You can assign multiple categories to each note. For example, you might assign a project category to a notes, a well as an Urgent category.

Follow the steps below to assign categories to a note:

  1. Right-click the note and choose Categories, or select the note and choose Edit | Categories.
  2. In the Categories dialog box, select the applicable categories.
  3. If you do not see the categories you need, click Master Category List, create the required categories, and click OK.
  4. Click OK in the Categories dialog box to close it and assign the selected categories.

You can view the categories assigned to a note using any one of several methods. For example, you can choose View, Current View, By Category to view the Notes folder organized by category, or you can select a note and close File | Print Preview – the printout contains the note's categories.

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