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Assigning Categories to Notes in MS Outlook

You can assign categories to notes, just as you can to any other Outlook item. Categorizing helps you organize your notes, particularly if you choose to view your Notes folder by category. You can assign multiple categories to each note. For ... example, you might assign a project category to a notes, a well as an Urgent category. Follow the steps below to assign categories to a note: Right-click the note and choose Categories, or select the note and choose Edit | Categories. In the Categories dialog box, select the applicable categories. If you do not see the categories you need, click Master ... (view more)

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Color-Code Contacts by Category: MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook provides a new feature in versions 2000 and forward that allows you to color-code items that meet certain criteria. Using this feature you can identify a set of items without having to group or sort them. In fact, Outlook does it ... all for you! First you have to assign a common Category code to each contact you wish to assign to a color group, and then you can apply a color to that category group. To assign categories to your contacts: Launch MS Outlook. In the Contacts folder on the Tools menu, click Organize. In the Organizer, click Using Views, and then click to select by ... (view more)

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Reassign PCI COM port?

Infopackets Reader Ric J. writes: " Hi Dennis, I recently tried to install a new PCI modem card in my system. The modem is Plug and Play (PNP) and should automatically configure itself once the drivers are installed. Unfortunately, the modem won't ... properly install on my machine. I went into Device Manager and found that the modem assigned itself to COM1, which was already in use. So my question is: how do I change the COM port so that the modem won't conflict with COM1? " Side note: PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect, or 'personal computer bus'. A COM port is short ... (view more)

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