CTube! Internet TV and RealPlayer woes?

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Gina D. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

After reading the article on CTube!, I downloaded it and installed on my machine ... only to find that I also needed to install RealPlayer to make it work. I went to the Real.com web site to download the latest version of RealPlayer, but could only find the RealOne Player available for download. I remember reading somewhere that RealOne Player uses pop up advertisements and I certainly don't want that. What can I do? "

My response:

Recall: CTube! is an onscreen guide and interface for Internet TV. The application works with Windows Media Player and RealPlayer to broadcast content on your PC.

There is a web site that I stumbled across some time ago called OldVersion.com. The web site modo is, "because newer is not always better" -- and that is certainly the case with RealOne Player. You can download an older version of Real Player (version 7) from OldVersion.com, which works flawlessly with the program: I've tried it with CTube! myself. Best of all, Real Player version 7 doesn't have any of that annoying advertising stuff built into it.

One quick mentionable, though: be careful not to give your personal information when installing Real Player 7 on your machine, or you'll end up on a mailing list with "special offers" -- which is the equivalent to legal spam (unsolicited email). Make sure you read everything on the screen before you click the "Next" button to continue to the following page!

The download to older versions of Real Player is here (including version 7):


And, for those of you who haven't read the review on CTube! Internet TV, you can read it here:

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