Parents, Get Ready: GTA IV Release Date Set

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Jack Thompson and the PTA get ready. Rockstar has finally confirmed the release date of its much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV, the next-gen evolution of a video game series known for innovation, open-ended play mechanics, and almost unmatched public controversy. (Source:

The Grand Theft Auto series debuted in 1998. Its first two iterations were top-down schemes that hardly challenged the capabilities of either the PC or original Sony PlayStation. Critics dismissed Grand Theft Auto I and II as cheap, violent attempts at roping in teens.

Things turned around for Rockstar when it released Grand Theft Auto III for the PlayStation 2 in October of 2001. Just as violent as before, the game was now much more enjoyable; players could carry out all of their hijacking desires in full 3D. Missions demanded players track down and assassinate rival gang leaders in their attempt to take over Liberty City's criminal underground. Although new twists on the series Vice City and San Andreas added both flair and celebrity (including Ray Liotta and Sam Jackson), the game never really evolved.

That evolution is expected to take place this spring. According to reports, Rockstar has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto IV will indeed ship on April 29, 2008, more than six months after its original release date in October of last year. Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners will have the chance to return to the GTA universe for a game that remains clouded in mystery. (Source:

What we do know is that the main character is of eastern European descent and -- whether he knows it or not -- is in for the fight of his life. Where from? Certainly not Russian gang lords or the Sicilian mafia; no, Rockstar's star will need to defend himself from the scariest opponent of all: the American parent.

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