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Public Not Bothered By Secret Video Game Hanky-Panky

Lawyers may have kicked up a stink over explicit scenes in a previous edition of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), but the game-playing public doesn't seem particularly concerned. This week, lawyers revealed that just 2,676 people filed claims; that may sound ... like a large number, but it's a tiny proportion of the 21.5 million people who'd bought the game at last count -- particularly as the settlement pretty much guaranteed free money for anyone who could be bothered feigning offence. It's all particularly interesting news given the popularity of this most recent release of GTA, Grand Theft Auto 4. ... (view more)

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Rockstar Exec Expects GTA IV to Raise Hell

A few days ago I reported on Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV, the controversial update to a controversial franchise from an equally controversial video game developer. The game's release date has finally been set -- it's April 29, if you're ... wondering -- and the company acknowledges it will probably bring them plenty of finger-waving from both the conservative and mainstream media. There's no foolin' Rockstar. The company behind both Manhunt and the GTA series have, it's fair to say, gotten pretty used to parents, teachers, and politicians barking down their door about the impact ... (view more)

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Parents, Get Ready: GTA IV Release Date Set

Jack Thompson and the PTA get ready. Rockstar has finally confirmed the release date of its much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV, the next-gen evolution of a video game series known for innovation, open-ended play mechanics, and almost unmatched ... public controversy. (Source: ) The Grand Theft Auto series debuted in 1998. Its first two iterations were top-down schemes that hardly challenged the capabilities of either the PC or original Sony PlayStation. Critics dismissed Grand Theft Auto I and II as cheap, violent attempts at roping in teens. Things turned around for Rockstar when it ... (view more)

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The Bully Lawsuit: Florida Attorney Sues To Stop Release of Controversial Game

Has Florida lawyer Jack Thompson been in the hot sun too long? Or was he the victim of a childhood bully? Whatever the case may be, Thompson is now targeting a bully of a different kind -- the controversial new PS2 game, Bully. Bully is being ... released by Rockstar Games (Take-Two Interactive), the company behind the much-debated Grand Theft Auto titles. Rockstar got into huge trouble last year when a hidden sex mini-game known as "hot coffee" was uncovered in the PS2 and PC versions of GTA: San Andreas. The reason for the controversy: the "hot coffee" segment -- initially believed to be ... (view more)

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