Hackers Develop DIY Alternative

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Most of us consider the world of hacking strange and foreign. Although many of us are techies and follow technology news closely, few would say they are close friends with that guy who recently cracked this government database or that banking web site. However, this could soon be the case as one group has decided to release a Do it Yourself, or DIY, hacking tool.

The original web site designed to distribute the open hacking program was recently discovered by security firm Facetime. The tool is meant especially for the purpose of cracking social networking pages, like Facebook. However, it could certainly provide freelance opportunities. (Source: vnunet.com)

It's not the only thing hackers are up to these days.

Think Tom Cruise is nuts? Your answer could depend on a number of factors, from his marriage to Katie Holmes, that odd Oprah interview, or his general public demeanor. Chances are, the craziest thing about the Mission Impossible and Jerry Maguire star is his fanatic defense of Scientology, a controversial religion that is now being attacked by hackers.

On most days, we choose to cheer against the hackers in their bid to reduce the Internet to a state of digital anarchy. However, on this occasion many of us might, for once, be behind a group that calls themselves "Anonymous," a rag-tag team that has released hundreds of pages of carefully protected Scientology documentation. (Source: news.com)

What kind of documentation, you ask?

According to sources, the pages released by Anonymous contain 'secret' Scientology materials for which most people would have to pay a substantial sum. It's a bit like scanning a book and then pasting it on your own website.

In addition, Anonymous has also launched an attack on a number of Scientology web pages. Their efforts have reportedly slowed and even shut down sites important to followers of the controversial religion.

Why are the hackers attacking poor Scientologists?

The group says it is responding to a recent attempt by Scientologists to 'censor' a popular video showing Cruise in fine form: proclaiming how much he loves the religion, creepily laughing, and making the claim that Scientologists have healing powers.

"The so-called Church of Scientology actively misused copyright and trademark law in pursuit of its own agenda...They attempted not only to subvert free speech, but to recklessly pervert justice to silence those who spoke out against them," said one member of Anonymous. (Source: nationalpost.com)

Is it just me, or is this one of those cases where you just let two nasty bulldogs fight it out until neither is left standing?

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