Easy CD Creator won't work under XP?

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Infopackets Reader Lisa C. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I have upgraded my Windows ME to XP and I can not longer use my Adaptec Easy CD Creator ... How can I get this program to work on this Windows edition? "

My response:

The short answer is that Microsoft did not include something called an ASPI layer for Windows 2000 and XP, which is a required sub-program for many CD burning applications, such as Easy CD Creator.

The solution is to download and install an ASPI layer so that your CD drive is recognized and usable under Easy CD Creator. Luckily, I managed to find a program called ForceASPI which should solve your problem. From the Radified web site:

" The term 'ASPI' is an acronym that stands for: Advanced SCSI Programming Interface. All the following terms are synonymous: ASPI layer, ASPI drivers, ASPI interface. The term 'SCSI' [pronounced 'scuzzy'] is an acronym that stands for Small Computer Systems Interface. An ASPI layer consists of four files that 'lie between' various programs [software] and certain devices, such as CD/DVD-ROM drives and CD/DVD burners/writers [hardware]. Software programs such as CD digital audio extractors [commonly known as 'Rippers'] and CD-writing utilities such as CDRWin use/require ASPI drivers to 'communicate with' SCSI devices ...

ForceASPI is a suite of scripts designed to install v4.60 of Adaptec's ASPI layer on your 32-bit Windows operating system. Many people report that this version of ASPI layer drivers offers the BEST COMPATIBILITY with the greatest number of software programs, regardless of which Windows operating system they are used with. This nearly universal compatibility is what makes ForceASPI so attractive.

ForceASPI allows you to install Adaptec ASPI layer v4.60 (1021) on your PC regardless of your hardware or software configuration. "

To download ForceASPI:


To read more about ASPI (an excellent source):


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