Massive Announces Advertising Deal with EA

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Massive, video game advertising supplier and subsidiary of Microsoft, announced last week that it has solidified its advertising agreement with video game publisher Electronic Arts. The deal lasts until 2010 and assures prominent advertising in some of the most popular video games on the market including the "NHL, "Nascar" and "Need For Speed" franchises.

While in-game advertising is still a fairly new and somewhat untested medium it promises to be extremely popular with marketers because it targets the oft-pursued demographic of 18-34 year old men. (Source:

In a statement announcing the deal, both Massive and EA representatives lauded the new contract and the future prospects of this advertising medium. "EA strongly believes that dynamic in-game advertising is an important growth area for our business, and is one of many opportunities we are pursuing in growing the advertising market," said Kathy Vrabeck, president of the Casual Entertainment Label at EA. (

Advertising fits in well with EA's brand because it is so heavily involved in producing sports games. The makers of the "Madden" NFL series have spent a lot of time and money developing a game that creates as realistic an experience as possible. Rotating sideboards in a hockey game, or advertising on a scoreboard can add to the experience if they are incorporated in a realistic fashion.

But does it really work for the gamer?

Consider that consumers are already paying several hundred dollars for their console, sixty dollars or more to own a popular title, plus any online game subscriptions. Do people really want to shell out all that money just to be hit with a barrage of billboards and movie trailers in the middle of a Tom Clancy adventure?

In-game advertising may be advantageous for the marketing department, but for gamers it could become just another aggravation.

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