U.S. Internet Usage Expected to be Eclipsed in 2011

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Jupiter Research has recently published the results of an exhaustive research project meant to determine the actual growth of worldwide usage of the worldwide web. Their findings confirm that the Internet is increasingly becoming more accessible to the global population, although a vast majority still have not enjoyed the online experience.

Jupiter estimates that nearly 1.8 billion people will be online by 2012, representing just under a quarter of the world's population. The most significant growth is expected to be in rapidly-developing countries like China, India, Russia and Brazil.  These nations will represent the most significant growth of Internet use in the next 5 years. (Source: com.au)

The annual double-digit expansion of Internet usage in these countries is aided by rapid economical and social development, which will allow these populations to become part of the global online community. The five year period from 2007 to 2012 will yield a 44 percent increase in the number of Internet users, demonstrating that the technology has yet to be tested by the vast majority of the global population. Some analysts have questioned whether populations in developing countries have access to technologies that would make Internet usage possible in the near future. (Source: vnunet.com)

However, according to Vikram Sehgal, Research Director and lead author of the report, it can be conclusively stated that populations in developing countries will at an exponential rate become connected online. Sehgal states that "Even though the emerging economies will have lower online penetration rates compared to the developed countries, Jupiter Research believes that they will ramp up the learning curve in adopting sophisticated online activities compared to the developing countries."

Nevertheless, in terms of online penetration levels, developed countries such as the United States will continue to hold a significant lead over their counterparts, with the report predicting that U.S. penetration rates from the year 2000 won't be matched by developing countries until 2012. However in terms of total population of Internet users, China is expected to dethrone the United States as the country with the most individuals connected online by 2011.

Jupiter Research president, David Schatsky stated that he is confident that "Asia will not only have the highest online growth rate compared to other regions in the world, but will present a substantially large pool of sophisticated online users as a market to tap into." This will make the region an important agent in the future development of the Internet. (Source: webpronews.com)

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