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Apple to Surpass HP, IBM in Sales by 2013, Analyst Says

A new report predicts Apple will surpass both IBM and Hewlett-Packard (HP) in revenue and sales by mid-2013. In fact, the man responsible for the report -- Forrester Research founder, George Colony -- says that Apple is "going to be a $200 billion ... revenue company." Colony made the bold prediction in a recent interview with Bloomberg. He went on to suggest that Apple's mobile sector (which is known for the ludicrously popular iPad and iPhone) could propel the company to 50 per cent growth per year over the next 24 months. Apple Growth Already Underway When it comes to market capitalization, ... (view more)

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Desktop Sales Overtake Netbooks, Win7 Credited: Report

Despite the rising popularity of smartphones, netbooks, and smaller notebooks, desktop PCs have made a notable resurgence in recent months. According to a recent report, sales of the units were up an impressive 30 per cent in February, with much of ... the credit touting Microsoft's new operating system (OS), Windows 7. Desktop sales for February 2010 climbed 30 per cent in units and 33 per cent in dollars over the same month last year, says a recent report from industry analysts NPD Group. It's the third time in the last four months that revenue for desktop computers was not only up, but ... (view more)

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Windows 7 Early Adoption Rate Doubles Vista

Windows 7 has been available to the wider public since October 22, 2009, a period of five months. According to a new report, in that time it has accumulated twice as many users as its predecessor, Windows Vista, over the same amount of time ... following its release in late January, 2007. The findings are provided by California-based web analysts They found that Windows 7, as of this past Sunday, accounted for about 9 per cent of all operating systems (OS) being used online. By contrast, Windows Vista had just a 4.5 per cent share of the OS market five months after its ... (view more)

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U.S. Internet Usage Expected to be Eclipsed in 2011

Jupiter Research has recently published the results of an exhaustive research project meant to determine the actual growth of worldwide usage of the worldwide web. Their findings confirm that the Internet is increasingly becoming more accessible to ... the global population, although a vast majority still have not enjoyed the online experience. Jupiter estimates that nearly 1.8 billion people will be online by 2012, representing just under a quarter of the world's population. The most significant growth is expected to be in rapidly-developing countries like China, India, Russia and Brazil. These ... (view more)

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Wall Street Predicting Big Sales for Vista

The Microsoft Windows Vista hoopla has been fairly cool and collected in many circles, including the realm of home consumers. And yet, many aren't yet convinced the new operating system has anything they absolutely must install on their computers. ... The perception is that Vista lacks enough killer apps to win over PC owners like Windows 95, although industry predictions appear very confident this will change. In fact, Wall Street has been so aggressive in forecasting Vista's growth that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently pleaded that they scale back on the super sales prophecies. The problem ... (view more)

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