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When was that last time you visited a web site that asked you for a login ID, password, or account number?

With all the web sites I visit on a regular basis, it's tough to keep track of that sort of stuff. I used to use Internet Explorer's AutoComplete to remember my logins and passwords for me, until I got fed up losing all my important data every time the computer had to be restored or formatted.

A while ago, I asked Infopackets Readers for an alternative solution to AutoComplete. Thankfully, many Readers referred me to a program which not only remembered all my form data, but also allowed me to manage, backup, and even export the data to my laptop.

Infopackets Reader Nat G. summed up it up nicely, when she wrote:

" I’m sure [you've already received] a million suggestions for this, but RoboForm is by far the best form filler [available today]. In addition to filling out long forms correctly almost all the time, [RoboForm] offers to fill in passwords when it senses the appropriate page. The free version is [nearly fully functional but is limited to no more than 3 identities and 30 passcards, which is why] I decided to purchase the Pro version. It is a must have utility on my computer! "

RoboForm: Inspired Upgrade

After I upgraded to the new release of RoboForm 5.6.2 today, I was brought back to the RoboForm tutorial page. Seeing the tutorial page reminded me of when I first installed RoboForm on my computer almost a year ago, and I immediately realized just how much I depend on it (heck, I use it at least 20 times a day!).

Appreciative of such a great utility, I've decided to dedicate today's feature article to spread the word about RoboForm one more time.

If you've never used RoboForm before, you really ought to give it try. The Pro version functions identical to the free version with only a few minor limitations. And, as long as you maintain a limit of 30 passcards, you can keep on using RoboForm free -- without end. However, if you're a die-hard surfer like me and visit a lot of sites that require login and passwords, you'll definitely want unlock the limitations and immediately upgrade to Pro.

RoboForm Pro: Special Version

Today's article inspired me to contact the folks at Siber Systems. And, after exchanging a few emails, I'm pleased to announce that a special downloadable version of RoboForm has been developed and contains a special discount if you upgrade to RoboForm Pro before March 31st, 2004.

Update 2004 / 04 / 09 [offer extended]: Infopackets Readers can save 33% and upgrade to RoboForm Pro for only $19.99 using our exclusive download if you purchase by April 16, 2004. Of course, I don't think it will be difficult to decide whether or not you need RoboForm Pro. Just give RoboForm a try and you'll understand that having unlimited passcards (using the Pro version) means never forgetting another ID or password to a favorite site!

RoboForm: Download

RoboForm does not contain Spyware and works with virtually any browser, including: Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer-based browsers (AOL 5 ~ 9, MSN), Netscape 7, Mozilla 1+, and Firefox 0.7+. For a complete list of compatible browsers, view their support page. You can download RoboFrom 5.6.2 (the latest version) directly from

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