TWAIN compliant graphics editor?

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Infopackets Reader Brad B. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Many years ago, I bought a digital camera that came with the software program called 'Camedia'. Unfortunately my computer crashed last year and (worse yet) I can't find the CD to reinstall it on my PC! Before I lost the disc, I managed to install Camedia on the computer at work, and thankfully, it's still working fine. I have tried copying the Camedia files from the work computer to my home computer, but it won't run. Is there some sort of program I can use to transport Camedia onto my home computer without having to use the installation CD? "

My response:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to 'port' an application from one computer to another without the setup program. Typically, program installations will copy special system files [.DLLs] to more than one folder, while injecting / modifying numerous system registryvalues on your PC. In a nutshell, these files and settings may be incompatible with another PC -- which is why program installs were created in the first place.

The good news is that most digital cameras are TWAIN compliant -- meaning that you can use any TWAIN compliant graphics program to import and edit your digital pictures directly from your camera.

Side note: " Though the real story [which defines the acronym 'TWAIN'] may never be known, the purpose of TWAIN is quite clear: it is a graphics and imaging standard that allows companies to make drivers for scanners and digital cameras. Nearly all scanners on the market today are TWAIN compliant, meaning the way they interact with your computer is based on the TWAIN standard. " (Source:

Windows XP has built-in support for TWAIN compliant devices (version 1.7 and greater). If you own Windows XP, you can try accessing your digital camera through the "My Computer" icon. According to the Microsoft web site, Windows XP supports TWAIN compliant devices (version 1.7 and greater).

If you're not using Windows XP, you'll need to find a supplemental program which supports the TWAIN devices. Unfortunately I don't know of any freeware programs that are TWAIN compliant, so I'm going to have to ask for help from Infopackets Readers.

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