It Pays to Use Live Search

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Microsoft is attempting to get people talking about their search engine through the launch of a new campaign strategy that will offer perks to people and advertisers who use Live Search.

One incentive is called "Cashback", which will benefit the consumer while ensuring a tremendous increase in online sales for companies who advertise with Live Search. When a user selects an ad on Live Search and makes a purchase, Microsoft will use some of the ad revenue to fund a portion of the purchase. (Source:

Microsoft is also in the trial stages of a "SearchPerks" incentive which will award users points for every search conducted. These points can be later exchanged for items such as music downloads and video game accessories.

In Canada, Microsoft launched Big Ticket Search, which is an offline promotion including a major partnership with the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association. When a user searches for something using Live Search, their name is automatically entered into a draw to win great prizes which include computer accessories, basketball tickets and even several cars.

What's the reason for the campaign?

The number of people using Live Search has dropped significantly from 7.4% (2007) to 6% (2008) according to recent reports. Still, Microsoft has reason to be optimistic for the future, since more than 140 companies like AT&T and eBay Inc. have bought into the campaign and have begun to advertise with Live Search. (Source:

Will the campaign be enough for Microsoft to someday rival the numbers Google and Yahoo generate on a regular basis?

Only time will tell.

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